The Publishing Consultancy | Publishing services for niche magazines and limited run publications
Marketing and distribution services for niche, partwork and commemorative books and publications. Based in Kingston upon Thames and clients world-wide.
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Our services

Publishing, Marketing & Distribution Services

Specialists in publishing services for special interest, hobby, commemorative and anniversary publications

Our clients are publishers of special interest and limited edition publications who need expert advice and help taking their magazines and partworks published in new markets. Our recent projects include launching a children’s educational magazine including collectable parts into the UK market. Rolling out a gemstone collectables magazine in US and Canada.

Research & Development

Most projects require some level of research. For example, if a client has a successful niche publication which retails in South Africa and wants to roll it out in the UK. We may use focus groups along with our experience and selected knowledgeable contacts to assess the most efficient and profitable launch strategy. Alternatively, a UK client may have a valuable catalogue of recordings, images or letters and they want to know how to optimise their asset. They may need help everything from concept development to email campaigns.


Financial planning

Minimizing costs without affecting distribution is usually a client objective. Realistic financial planning is essential. We create financial assessments for clients as required for their UK and overseas projects. We itemise all likely costs and advise on alternatives to keep the project in budget at every stage. We also review existing projects to explore more effective distribution and promotional strategies.



Distribution of print and digital publications evolves continuously. Every market is subject to its own laws, customer preferences and distribution systems. We use our network of distribution contacts so our customers benefit from current opportunities. We can use combinations of book stores, newsagents, direct to consumer and the regional variations in European countries and the English speaking countries of the world.


Promotion, Digital and Non-digital

The Publishing Consultancy connects with digital and classic direct-mail and advertising agencies as the project requires. We can create temporary or permanent websites, buy off page or promotional landing pages, email campaigns, social, pay per click, online advertising and pr to facilitate communication, purchase and loyalty and sharing.


Typical projects

New publications

Publications can take many forms: print, digital, print with addons in multiple formats. As we are in middle of the centenary of The Great War 1914 – 1918 we are working on publications commemorating key battles. These can include campaign magazine guides, unseen video footage, music and sound recordings making it a multi-media experience released over a short period with collection incentives.

Successful publications

Clients in UK or outside of the UK may have a successful format which they want to take to a new market. We have worked with art directories, build a skeleton, bug collections, dinosaurs, gardening, fishing and knitting publications which have been launched here in the UK, in Spain, Italy, Denmark and the US. We have also popular marketed children’s impulse purchase toys popular in Spain.

Typical projects

Series development

It’s always exciting when a client comes to us with a fantastic catalogue of unseen images, videos or literature. We use our expertise to make sure we assess every opportunity available in the UK and through our research and distribution connections in Europe, US, Canada and South Africa. We excel at finding the optimum path to market and getting the very best return on our client’s asset.


When a magazine is supporting an addon such as a DVD or part of a collection, it can have a considerable impact on costs and logistics. Again we use our knowledge and resources to make sure we make the most of the opportunity whilst keeping within financial, legal and environmental regulations of manufacturing and recipient countries.

Want a conversation about your project? Please feel free to contact us.